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Blog | August 27, 2018

What Do You Wear in a Float Tank?

Do you wear a swimsuit in a float tank? You may be asking this question if you’re scheduled for a session in our floatation pods. Whether it’s your first time floating, or you’re a veteran, you may be interested to learn what attire is permitted in during your float therapy session. You might be surprised at how much your clothes can affect your float experience – especially if you’re going for full sensory deprivation. In this article, we’ll explore the “self” and discuss what to wear in a float tank.

The Self

To me, a part of, living optimally means moving through each day comfortably with the self. What does that mean…the self? I googled it (as one naturally would) and one definition stuck out the most.  Merriam-Webster said this of the self, “the union of elements (such as body, emotions, thoughts and sensations) that constitute the individuality and identity of a person.” Perhaps you noticed the definition does not say anything about clothing, jewelry, make-up, or accessories. The self is exactly who we are in our birthday suites.  Enter float…. sensory deprivation…. a return to the self.

Do You Wear a Swimsuit in a Float Tank?

Do you wear a swimsuit in a float tank? At Inngi Float we are often asked one of the two questions: ‘do you wear a swimsuit in a float tank?’ or ‘what do you wear in a float tank?’ The answer to both questions is of course the same: you float naked. Wearing clothes in the floating meditation pod activates your sense of touch which inhibits your brain from full relaxation. Additionally, cleanliness is our priority and swim suits can come with contaminants from a previous water adventure.

Floating Nude

Now that you know what to wear in a float tank – or what not wear rather – let’s discuss what to expect during the experience. During your sixty-minute float, your entire nude body is engulfed in solely water. The air around you is controlled and the temperature you are in is controlled to give you the ability to fade into your self. You become more and more aware of your body, your emotions and your thoughts. You give yourself the ability to come back to you, to come back to wholeness.

what to wear to float tank

Benefits of Floating

The International Journal of Stress Management published a study in May 2006 that found participants with stress related pain who floated for 12 sessions showed a decrease in pain, stress, anxiety and depression. Talk about a magic pill! I am by no means a doctor, nor am I a psychologist, but this is what I have come to believe….if you are unhappy try snuggling a puppy and if you are stressed, anxious, frazzled or in pain try floating in 850 pounds of medical grade Epsom Salt. For more information, check out our recent article about the health benefits of salt water.

External Stimulus

Daily we are bombarded by the things that are as far away from the self as we can get. We wake up to an external device, then we waddle into garments, next attaching accessories designs to pull us deeper away from the self and towards the external stimulus and then step outside of our homes and into a world of distractions. Every garment of clothing, every cell phone ring, zooming car, and family need pulls us away from our own body, our own emotions and our own thoughts. Through float we are gifted the opportunity to shed all of this and come into a deep connection with what it truly means to be human, to be in the self.

Pause. At this point you may be thinking I am advocating for a society of naked individuals who denounce cell phones, computers, and any other form of stimulus. False. I am quite found of the value my cell phone brings to my life, I appreciate the stylish aspects of my clothing and I am a huge believer in traffic lights and alarm clocks. All of this brings dimension to the sensation aspect of the self.

Through sensory deprivation float therapy, we are given the gift of connection with the self. During a sixty-minute session you spend each minute with just your body, your emotions, your thoughts and your sensations. It is no wonder studies show a reduction of stress, pain and anxiety after float. We become more comfortable with who we really are. We become more in tune with what thoughts are valuable, which sensations are meant to be experienced and even how to best solve those nagging questions.

Recovery and Rejuvenation

There is pure joy in taking moments for recovery, rejuvenation and uninterrupted thought. It allows us to perform better during the moments of chaos and noise. It allows us to react slower during moments of frustration and even rage.

Can you think of a time when you reacted in a situation of high stress and then looked back on that reaction mortified or in disbelief that you could act in such a way? I know I most certainly can. What I know to be true is in that moment I lost connection with my true self and let outside stimulus control my behavior and action. Through float we practice the ability to be deeper rooted to the self, so no matter what the situation is the true you drives the behavior and action.

Facing Fears

This month I will leave you with this…I recently heard of a survey that caught my ear. The survey questioned men and women who were about to visit, or spend time, at or in the ocean. The individuals were asked which they were more afraid of: being seen in their bathing suit or being attacked by a shark. Can you guess which response was prominent? It wasn’t the one that could lead to death or the loss of a limb. During your next sixty-minute float session you will float naked and, my hope, is develop a stronger, healthier relationship with your body, mind, emotions and sensations. And if you are ever on the receiving end of this same survey you will without hesitation reply you are more afraid of the shark and confidently strut about in your bathing ware.

what do you wear in a float tank

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We hope we’ve answered your questions, “do you wear a swimsuit in a float tank” and “what do you wear in a float tank,” and provided some unique insight into the floating experience. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you still have questions about what to wear in a sensory float pod. If you’re ready for your own sensory float experience, click here to schedule an appointment at Inngi Float in Highlands Ranch, Denver, Colorado.

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