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Inngi Float is NOW OPEN in Highlands Ranch, Colorado
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Inngi Float is the first of its kind float studio now open in Highlands Ranch, Colorado focused on the health and lifestyle benefits from regular float practice.

What is Floating?


1 hour of float = 4 hours of sleep. Floating is a luxurious way to heal the body and rejuvenate the mind from the constant physical and mental stresses of a busy lifestyle. You will be immersed in ten inches of saline water in a sensory controlled environment. The water is skin temperature which gradually gives you the feeling of floating in space. Imagine having no effects of gravity on the body for a full hour! Light and music are optional and can be used as you need. In this kind of environment, one can relax in a unique way that does wonders for the body and mind.
Get your 3 Introductory Floats for $79

What are the Benefits of Floating?

Backed by science, floating optimizes mind & body and its effects last for weeks.


*expire after 30 days, non-transferable

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