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Blog | November 16, 2017

From the moment we wake up to the moment we go to sleep, we are inundated with information, to-do lists, emails, texts, and a never-ending list of responsibilities. With all of this input/obligation, it’s no wonder a majority of western civilization experiences some level stress on a regular basis!

Though these days it is almost normal to be stressed these days, having too much stress can have significant negative impacts on our overall health. Excess stress can negatively impact sleep and eating habits. It also leads to headaches, depression, mood swings, heart problems, and decreases immunity. Yikes!

With so many things causing stress and decreasing our vitality, it’s critical to practice stress management techniques on a regular basis. Float may be your solution!

Float allows the body to to be entirely supported and weightless, which alleviates physical stress. It also helps to reduce mental stress in a variety of ways. Research shows that float can help people reach states of deep meditation faster and with more ease than even some of the most experienced meditators. Being in this state significantly decreases activity in the portion of the brain which controls the fight-or-flight (stress) response, and can help lower blood pressure.

Not only does float relieve physical stress, it helps with mental stress too! Being fully supported by body-temperature water nearly eliminates physical input. The brain doesn’t have to sort through the sensations being felt by the skin/muscles. This allows the brain to significantly reduce its activity. There’s the option to take it one step further too! If you’re in a float pod, you can close the lid and turn off the lights. This eliminates auditory and visual input, allowing your brain to turn down even more!

With little to no sensory input while floating, a person’s brain goes from producing Beta waves, to Theta waves. Beta waves are produced when a person is actively thinking/problem solving; whereas Theta waves are produced in states of deep rest, such as right before a person falls asleep or wakes up. Among many other health benefits, Theta brain waves activate the release of chemicals which boost your immune system and create deep, meditative levels of relaxation; all of which decrease stress and anxiety long after you’ve finished floating.

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