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Inngi Float in the News

Inngi Float in the News | January 21, 2018

We were honored to have Jerry Bell from KOA experience INNGI Float for the first time. He enjoyed his session and loved hearing about INNGI Float and how our pods provide light and music therapy. The INNGI pods are also able to provide sensory deprivation, which is where all sensory input is reduced and one is left without the stimulation of light, sound or feeling. This is extremely relaxing and allows our mind to get into a meditative state. Being in a meditative state for longer than 5 minutes has a number of benefits such as stress relief, anxiety relief and a noticeable increase in energy.

See below for Jerry’s joyful musings:

“I’m inside the pod and it’s pretty amazing. You can tell you’re on water but it actually kind of feels like it is air. You’re not quite asleep, You’re aware of your surroundings but you’re also kind of in this state where you’re just relaxed… You’re having everything put on hold”

Thank you, KOA for featuring us!

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