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Blog | June 1, 2018

Sensory Float Pods

Did you know that a sensory pod can provide a wide-array of float therapy benefits? To experience sensory float benefits for yourself, schedule a session with our float spa in Denver, Colorado!

Inngi Float: Letter from the Author

Jori Hayes

“To feel, experience and witness joy is much different than to simply define it…”

There is a long running joke in my family that since the womb I have been deeply attached to the health and wellness industry. Raised by two health enthusiasts, who made fitness their professions as well as their passions, I grew up surrounded by athletes. I would listen to athletes discuss their workouts, hash out their weekly nutrition plans, proudly talk through their recovery, and groan through body work.

More than all of this though, I remember watching them glow through every moment of being surrounded by their passion.  It was how I learned what joy really was. We can define joy as a feeling of great pleasure and happiness, or as the absence of sadness. To feel, experience and witness joy is much different than to simply define it.

While I do not remember the first time I felt and witnessed this emotion, I do know that the first time I did I was convinced there was nothing more valuable than sharing joy with others. Translated, Inngi means ‘to inspire’. Inngi Float was born out of the desire to inspire humans to live their most optimized lives. To live in joy.

Sensory Float

sensory pod

My Experience with Sensory Float Therapy

 “…my heart, head and nervous system relaxed.”

It was just under three years ago that I was first introduced to sensory deprivation, or as we call it at Inngi Float “sensory-controlled floatation therapy.” We can define sensory controlled floating as the immersion of the body in skin temperature, highly-salinated, water that allows the body to effortlessly float all while being removed from stimuli that would otherwise activate the senses. Yet, here again, the feeling of floating is much more profound than the definition. The feeling of float is robust, colorful, effortless, weightless, graceful, comical and unique.

My First Experience in a Sensory Pod

 “the [sensory pod] water feels in a way almost magical of its ability to deliver a unique experience to each individual human’s needs.”

The first time I allowed myself to be fully held by the water underneath me I felt just that…I felt held. The reality is we live in a blessed time of incredible technological advances, which means we are exposed to more news and data than our ancestors. A wise friend once told me that he felt humans were not designed to be constantly overloaded by the amount of sorrow that makes up our newsfeeds.

At any given time, we are privy to the most recent natural disaster, car crash, shooting, suicide, murder or political devastation. Just to name a few. Our senses, and our nervous systems, are constantly on edge and constantly being bombarded. So, it is no surprise that the first time I let myself float atop the salty waters I felt held. Just as my head reclined back to be held by the water my heart, head and nervous system relaxed. I experienced the removal of sadness and could only be filled with joy.

A Sensory Float Session Delivers A Unique Experience for Each Individual

“…we believe that by optimizing health, no matter what stage of health that may be, we can optimize life.”

The water feels in a way almost magical because of its ability to deliver a unique experience to meet each individual human’s needs. At Inngi, I have witnessed professional athletes leave their float walking lighter and smiling brighter. They tell me their muscles are less achy and their minds are sharper. I have witnessed those with chronic pain exit their private sensory pod rooms feeling optimistic for the day ahead because the pain is lessoned, or they were able to leave the pain behind due to the high levels of magnesium within the salty waters. I have had the honor of speaking to mothers, fathers, grandparents and business folks – just to name a few — leave their floats almost giddy, excited to go back to those they love with a renewed sense of energy. An energy renewed after the much-deserved rest the waters provided.

My highest hope for each human that walks through the doors of Inngi Float is that they can leave with more space to feel joy. Often our guests feel joy during their float, often they feel it within the next hours, or even days after their sensory float session. I think back to that young curly haired girl, who witnessed athletes experiencing joy through the movement of their bodies. They experienced joy through their health and wellness. At Inngi Float we believe that by optimizing health, no matter what stage of health that may be, we can optimize life.

I float, and spend my days at Inngi Float, for the purpose of experiencing more joy in my own life and to offer a way for our customers to feel and experience more joy in their own.

– Jori Hayes, Inngi Float


The Benefits of Floating in a Sensory Pod

Here at Inngi Float, we offer a unique mind and body relaxation experience in every sensory float therapy session. Floatation therapy has been shown to improve your mental awareness; from anti-aging to stress and anxiety relief, a sensory pod is your portal to a healthier and happier self. Designed to provide a luxurious spa experience, our sensory-controlled floatation pods deliver a state-of-the art ‘stay-cation’ available in one-hour sessions.

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