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Blog | December 13, 2018

We have all been there. The computer screen open, hands outstretched on the keypad, brow furrowed, and the Google search bar filled with some variation of the words, ‘best holiday gifts 2018’, ‘what to get the mom/dad who has it all’, ‘best holiday gift for husband/wife’. Meanwhile the Halloween candy bowl sits perched next to the door and the candy inside remains soft and young. It is as though we are hardwired to scrutinize for two solid months over the perfect box to nestle under the tree.

Listen, I am my no means here to paint you a bleak picture of the emotions that come with gift giving. I trust you have experienced your own December 26th…aka Boxing Day…aka The Google-Search-Got-it-Wrong Day. No, I instead have a different picture to paint for you.

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Rooted in Something Deeper than Retail

My maiden name is a variation of the Italian sur name DiGregorio. My father’s family rooted in New York from Palermo, Italy and olive oil runs through my veins. Perhaps you can imagine the holiday music that rang through our (modest) halls from Black Friday to New Years Day. Non-stop Sinatra and Crosby. Sure those boys offered a few of the fluffy songs, however the ones that lingered through my brain the other ten months of the year are rooted in something deeper than retail.

Here we are as in Golden Days…Faithful friends who are dear to us gather near to us once more. Through the years we are will be together…. hang a shining star upon the highest bow and have yourself a Merry Little Christmas now.

Classics that Warm Our Hearts

See the classic holiday songs that bring us the most joy do not speak of toys, nor the items riches can acquire. The classics that warm our hearts sing of experiences. Experiences that bring us connected to something bigger than ourselves. Experiences that so impact our brains that we can vividly feel them once they become memories. As I write this love letter to you I count the number of shopping days until Christmas.

A New Approach to Holiday Experiences

Breathe. This season I would like to offer you a new approach to your holidays. Rather than counting down our time, what if we counted up our experiences? What would your season look, and more importantly feel, like if every moment was an opportunity to live rooted in the present and focused more on the experiences you could provide yourself and others? At Inngi Float we believe in the power of experience. We believe in the pure joy of living rooted in the knowledge that people will always remember the way you make them feel.

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Rest assured my soap box sits in its corner as far from me as I can muster. There is joy in retail gift giving and joy in beautifully wrapped boxes. I will leave you with this word….balance. Balance your holiday season with gifts of experiences and gifts of retail. Offer yourself grace this season through relaxation and self-care. Take time to breathe and soak in the pure joy of creating vivid memories with the hearts that mean the most.

– By Jori Hayes

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